Paul and Bonnie Zaphiriou


Paul and Bonnie have been in leadership at the church since 2006. Between them they have two daughters and three young grandchildren. Paul looks at casting our vision in the church and the community and at encouraging everyone to move from aspirations to action! Bonnie is involved in organising women’s events and in the welcoming team. Before becoming a vicar Paul was involved in energy and finance. Both Paul and Bonnie are huge cricket and rugby fans and love travelling, sailing and reading.

Sarah McDonald

Curate & Associate Pastor

Sarah joined us from Nottingham in 2013 as an ordinand, before being ordained in July 2016. Now a Curate, Sarah will be staying with us for the next three years. Sarah aspires to be the most tattooed staff member (currently falling behind in 2nd position), and enjoys board games, unnatural hair colours, and her dog Tia.

Matt Way


Matt joined the team in September 2015 as a first year Ordinand, and is studying at St Mellitus College to become a vicar. Matt is married to Esther, and together they have been running a wedding photography business, which Esther is continuing. As Matt also leads worship, he has great aspirations of launching a wedding package upon his ordination, whereby he can cover almost every aspect of a wedding service.

Emily Moran

Worship Pastor

Emily joined the staff team in September 2015, having trained as a Worship Pastor at Worship Central Academy. She now oversees all things musical at Hope Church, as well as the website, flyers, and anything else creative. Em has a cat called Audrey who is terrified of people, creatures and inanimate objects alike.

Renata Rust

Operations Manager

Renata is our Operations Manager. She’s a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and sports massage therapist – work which she combines, on a part-time basis, with her work in the Parish – where she also runs our keep fit classes. Renata is married to Jonathan, and together they have a daughter, Babette, and a dog, Dexter. She enjoys ice skating regularly at Alexandra Palace; putting to shame those of us who can barely get around a rink without holding onto the sides!

Alistair Ahmadov


Alistair is the longest-serving member of our staff team! He came to the UK from Azerbaijan and has been making sure our buildings are clean and well-presented ever since. He loves going to the seaside on mini-breaks with his wife, Naila.

Manuela Schmucki


Manuela is this year’s Intern from the Stepney Intern Scheme. She just moved to the UK from Switzerland, so she is learning all kinds of interesting and confusing things about London and the English culture (like the fact there are actually Ice Cream Trucks in the UK and 25p for a Freddo is apparently a fortune!). In her free time she likes to read, watch TV and go running. 

Joe Tunnicliffe

Youth Worker

Joe is currently studying Youth Work and Theology at Oasis Academy in Waterloo, for which he is working with XLP and Hope Church. Originally from Stafford, Joe is an avid football fan - unfortunately, Joe's loyalties do not yet lie within the parish, so he supports Liverpool. When not working, studying, or watching the football, Joe is likely scoping out what to watch next on Netflix.


Sammy Gichoya

Tola Akinde-Hummel

Lay Readers

Matthew Bull

Roderick Jones

Licensed Pastoral Assistants

Kevin O’Connor

Daniel Williams

Sue Williams

Children’s Advocate

Mary Roberts


Clément Provençal