Vocations - Is God calling you?

We believe that God has a purpose for everyone. For some, that will mean working full time within this church, and at Hope Church we try hard to help people follow his call. In recent years five of our church members here have been ordained after hearing that call and are now serving as clergy across England, and one more is on that journey at present. Other church members have been called and licensed as Lay-Preachers or Pastoral Assistants. We also help train ordinands (trainee-vicars!) for St Mellitus College, youth workers for XLP, and have had interns placed with us by the Bishop of Stepney and Moorlands College.

Other opportunities are open here too. If you have any sense of God calling you on your life - to any ministry at all, please speak to either of our Senior Pastors - Paul or Sarah, or send us an email. We'd be delighted to explore that with you, and talk through how we can provide opportunities to test that calling here in the parish, and/or beyond!