24-3 Prayer

Tuesday 16 June, 2015 (11:00pm) to Friday 19 June, 2015 (11:00pm)

Nothing is more important to the Christian life, and the life of the church, than prayer. If we are not communicating with God, talking to Him and listening to Him, then we cannot expect to grow in our walk with Him. Conversely, when we pray, God acts! We can trust that He listens to us, as a loving Father, and talks to us, reassuring us and revealing His will.

Since the beginnings of Christianity, churches have set aside particular times to dedicate themselves to prayer. In February, we continued in this tradition by committing to pray continuously, as a church, for 72 hours. The feedback from those involved was that God spoke to them during this time, and that they felt energised and refreshed; renewed in their Christian walks.

From 10pm on 16th June until 10pm on 19th June, we are committing to another 72 hours of continuous prayer. The time is divided up into hourly slots, and you can sign up for as many of these as you wish! Just click on this link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m8QPR-Um_UoWjtIaxDpzwPh5XTP5QukBKXN8JMOiKwI/edit

We have produced a useful guide to help you pray which you can find below.

The three days will culminate in a time of corporate prayer and worship which is open to everyone in our church, and also to others in the area: you can find out more about that here: http://www.hopechurchislington.org/event/kingdom-come-islington. So please click on the link, sign up, and get involved in what will surely be an amazing time of encounter with our awesome God!